Version History:
1.8.1 - Fixed scammble button and new full turn method
The scrammble burron now work. It no longer shows the animation of it turning randomly (this is good). Now the cube itself records the key clicks, and a new key is used - Ctrl. While the Ctrl key is pressed the full rotation is enabled (but currently not implemented).
1.8 - Overlapping squares bug fixed
Finished making all depth swapping work correctly. This fixed the problem where during the animation most squares didn't overlay right. There is still the problem that some squares show through the inside of the cube during some annimations.
1.7 - Fixed problem with squares staying white until first rotation
The problem with all the mirrored cubes staying white until first rotation was fixed, but there is still a small time where they stay white.
1.6 - Preparing Squares for Depth Changes and All Color Annimations Complete
The squares are now added with the movieClip.attachmovie() function instead of just being loaded on startup. This allows those squares to be able to change depths (z-scale) so I can fix the overlapping square problem. The squares won't be swapping depths until alittle later. One problem with this is that the squares in the mirror cubes load after the starting define color function runs, so they stay white until you rotate it once. Also some annimation (more then half) in the mirrored cubes played backwards. This has been fixed now. Oh yeah, color annimation was finished!!
1.5 - Annimation in mirrors, and new way of checking clicks
Annimation was added to the wonderful 3D mirrored cubes. But the parts not in color are the same as the regular cube. Also, the clicks of the mouse used to be recorded by a button under every square. Now the movie of the cube itself is what records clicks, and then sends clicks to hitTest() to see if your click touches a square. Takes up less space.
1.4 - 3D added to mirrors! (and more color animation)
3D has been added to the mirrored cubes. The animation is also partially there, but none of it ever shows. For the color animation update, entire left and right sides going both up and down are in color (12/18, 67%).
1.3.4 - More Color, and added aesthetics
Entire left side works going up and down, and the first right column. (Thats 8 out of 18, 45%). I also added aesthetics - the inside of the cube.
1.3.3 - More Color Rotation, and a Fixed problem
I fixed the problem of the unwanted squares moving. So far, first column on the yellow side up and down are in full color, and third column on red side up and down. Thats four full color out of 18, thats 22%.
1.3.2 - More Squares have Color Rotation
So far, first column on the yellow side up and down are in full color. Third column on red side is started (but some unwanted squares move)
1.3.1 - Color animation idea works on few squares
On the first column on the yellow side going up, I have made it so some square's animation in color. More squares coming soon! (It's a copy-paste nightmare to do)
1.2 - Added partial full rotation
Full rotation was added to right side and middle, and color change is recorded.
1.1 - Change over of display of colors
Instead of each square being a seperate movie where each frame was a different possible color, each square was turned into a white image and the RGB properties are changed for it. This will hopefully make adding color to the animation easier. Some aesthetic changes made too.
0.1b (beta) to 1.0 - Creation of Cube
I started with my first cube as version 0.1b, but it didn't work. Many revisions were made (versions 0.2b, 0.3b, ect...) until I had my first fully functional version - version 1.0.

Planned Future:
1.8.1 to 1.9
Make all full rotation and scrammble button work
1.9 to 2.0
Aesthetics, dificulty bar, fixing interior problem, and whatever other little touches are needed. Version 2.0 will be the first REAL FULLY FUNCTIONAL VERSION!!!!
2.0 to ???
Make an algorithim(s) to solve the cube from any state.